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Remove Nicepage Footer

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I couldn't find where they hid the html code, so I did the next best thing. For Joomla installations, go to "../components/com_nicepage/assets/css" and edit "page-styles.css". Search for "u-backlink" and add the following between the {}:
display: none;
. You don't even have to remove the other entries, just add that line, save, and upload edited file.

AutoDesk Eagle Custom Logo Tutorial

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Getting custom artwork onto a PCB shouldn't be rocket science. I have read a few dozen tutorials from different sites, And I have found that no two sites have the same procedure. I've spent hours trying to get my PCB where the manufacturers software won't trash the silkscreen logo. I have put together a detailed tutorial to help make it smoother. One thing that can't be overcome, is how many times you will have to repeat this process. Hey, just hang in there!

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PCB Etching

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 Ever get tired of waiting a few weeks for a simple circuit?  Well, there are ways to get a PCB sooner, like etching your own that can be used in a couple of hours.  You can use perf boards, but I find it an annoying and tedious.  So, let's see if we can make some PCBs.

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