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PCB Etching

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 Ever get tired of waiting a few weeks for a simple circuit?  Well, there are ways to get a PCB sooner, like etching your own that can be used in a couple of hours.  You can use perf boards, but I find it an annoying and tedious.  So, let's see if we can make some PCBs.

 There are several ways to get respectable PCBs.  You can use the printer toner method, the photo resist, or use a CNC that cuts out copper that's not needed.  The first needs an expensive toner printer to transfer the design to the PCB.  And the last uses a CNC mill which can be up there in price. 

 In my research, a CNC mill can make the best PCB if you need fine pitched SMD pads.  If you have the money, this would be the way I would go.  You could find a cheap mill on that jungle website and modify it to get descent PCBs.  Someone would need extensive experience to modify a mill and a little more coin to lower the tolerances.