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Eaglemoss? Avoid!

 As you know, I am a huge Star Trek fan and have a considerable amount of memorabilia. Some of those are made by Eaglemoss. Credit to them for producing high detail models, but their customer service is lacking to say the least. I purchased a subscription to the Enterprise-D build-up and I'm about a year into it. Basically, you pay a monthly fee and they send you parts to build the entire ship. I will also add that this model is highly detailed as well.

 A few months ago, I noticed that Eaglemoss hasn't charged me in quite some time. Their response was that they were out of stock on some parts. As of today, Feb 1st, 2022, I still have not received any additional parts. So my interpretation is they didn't order parts from the beginning of my subscription. So if I was a purchasing agent for Eaglemoss, I would have ordered the parts ahead of time. There is a draw back however, if a person were to cancel, Eaglemoss would have extra parts. Without going into detail, this really isn't a bad thing. The extra parts could have been used if a customer received broken or defective parts, and losses incurred in shipping.

 My mistake in the beginning was I didn't read any reviews about Eaglemoss (I usually spend at least an hour researching a company that I want to buy from). Now that I have searched and read some reviews, Eaglemoss has the lowest rating of any company that I've come across. There are reviews out there dating back a few years with the same issue I am facing. Why hasn't Eaglemoss learned from the past?

 I am seriously thinking about canceling my subscription as I was charged $50 ($15 less than my regular fee) and was sent a picture of the Enterprise.. What? Really? That really pissed me off. I still don't want to cancel, but I'm afraid that they will keep charging me every so often and they ship me garbage. I just want to get the parts that I was promised. I think this model is awesome and it's fun building it.

 I don't know...