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Privacy is Your Right

 At Ross Robotics, your privacy is priority.  This blog post will inform you where and why tracking is enabled.  First, there are some new technologies that are coming out and as of this blog post, are being blocked until they can be proven to not track your every key press.  One technology is called FLoC (Block Federated Learning of Cohorts).  All requests are being blocked to and from FLoC. 

 There are some pages that can track you and Ross Robotics as no control over these.  Any page with a Youtube embed can track you.  Usually only when you 'Play' a video.  So for example, you open a page in our tutorials section, and there is a Youtube video being displayed, it can't track you.  Tracking starts when you click on the video to play it.  This event can not be changed.  Please be aware that Ross Robotics will NEVER allow anything on this site to track you.  I believe that anyone on the internet as the right to stay anonymous.  If you find any page that is tracking you, please contact the owner and admin.