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Update September 6, 2021

  It's been a while since I have updated the status of projects or anything on RossRobotics.com. Have been extremely busy with real life but it's time to get back into projects and adding features to the site. It will be slow going but I hope to be able to contribute at least once a week. I do browse every few days to RossRobotics.com just to make sure there is no major issues. During a sneak peak, I got a pop-up by clicking on the background. After some troubleshooting, I found that someone got access to the admitistrative back-end. This person had complete control, but only injected a snippet of code on the home page. Which I felt lucky, considering what he could have destroyed. Took out the nefarious code, changed a few parameters, and patched some holes. But, it's a never ending battle.

  Over the last few months, I have started a few new projects and I am absdolutely the worst at documenting project progress. There is some projects that are documented here, that I haven't touched. When it comes to my projects, if I get stuck on an issue, I will work on another until I figure out how to solve it. I consider this as a flaw as some projects that I have spent hours on, fall to the background. The longer I delay, the less motivation I have to continue on a specific project. I have started a blog section (obviously, if you're reading this) to give updates even if there is no project progress. Though I can't tell you how often I will give updates, but I'm hoping once a week even if it's just a quit note here.