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Eaglemoss? Avoid!

 As you know, I am a huge Star Trek fan and have a considerable amount of memorabilia. Some of those are made by Eaglemoss. Credit to them for producing high detail models, but their customer service is lacking to say the least. I purchased a subscription to the Enterprise-D build-up and I'm about a year into it. Basically, you pay a monthly fee and they send you parts to build the entire ship. I will also add that this model is highly detailed as well.

 A few months ago, I noticed that Eaglemoss hasn't charged me in quite some time. Their response was that they were out of stock on some parts. As of today, Feb 1st, 2022, I still have not received any additional parts. So my interpretation is they didn't order parts from the beginning of my subscription. So if I was a purchasing agent for Eaglemoss, I would have ordered the parts ahead of time. There is a draw back however, if a person were to cancel, Eaglemoss would have extra parts. Without going into detail, this really isn't a bad thing. The extra parts could have been used if a customer received broken or defective parts, and losses incurred in shipping.

 My mistake in the beginning was I didn't read any reviews about Eaglemoss (I usually spend at least an hour researching a company that I want to buy from). Now that I have searched and read some reviews, Eaglemoss has the lowest rating of any company that I've come across. There are reviews out there dating back a few years with the same issue I am facing. Why hasn't Eaglemoss learned from the past?

 I am seriously thinking about canceling my subscription as I was charged $50 ($15 less than my regular fee) and was sent a picture of the Enterprise.. What? Really? That really pissed me off. I still don't want to cancel, but I'm afraid that they will keep charging me every so often and they ship me garbage. I just want to get the parts that I was promised. I think this model is awesome and it's fun building it.

 I don't know...

Privacy is Your Right

 At Ross Robotics, your privacy is priority.  This blog post will inform you where and why tracking is enabled.  First, there are some new technologies that are coming out and as of this blog post, are being blocked until they can be proven to not track your every key press.  One technology is called FLoC (Block Federated Learning of Cohorts).  All requests are being blocked to and from FLoC. 

 There are some pages that can track you and Ross Robotics as no control over these.  Any page with a Youtube embed can track you.  Usually only when you 'Play' a video.  So for example, you open a page in our tutorials section, and there is a Youtube video being displayed, it can't track you.  Tracking starts when you click on the video to play it.  This event can not be changed.  Please be aware that Ross Robotics will NEVER allow anything on this site to track you.  I believe that anyone on the internet as the right to stay anonymous.  If you find any page that is tracking you, please contact the owner and admin.

Update September 6, 2021

  It's been a while since I have updated the status of projects or anything on RossRobotics.com. Have been extremely busy with real life but it's time to get back into projects and adding features to the site. It will be slow going but I hope to be able to contribute at least once a week. I do browse every few days to RossRobotics.com just to make sure there is no major issues. During a sneak peak, I got a pop-up by clicking on the background. After some troubleshooting, I found that someone got access to the admitistrative back-end. This person had complete control, but only injected a snippet of code on the home page. Which I felt lucky, considering what he could have destroyed. Took out the nefarious code, changed a few parameters, and patched some holes. But, it's a never ending battle.

  Over the last few months, I have started a few new projects and I am absdolutely the worst at documenting project progress. There is some projects that are documented here, that I haven't touched. When it comes to my projects, if I get stuck on an issue, I will work on another until I figure out how to solve it. I consider this as a flaw as some projects that I have spent hours on, fall to the background. The longer I delay, the less motivation I have to continue on a specific project. I have started a blog section (obviously, if you're reading this) to give updates even if there is no project progress. Though I can't tell you how often I will give updates, but I'm hoping once a week even if it's just a quit note here.