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Slot Cars

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Slot Cars

  Most people have never heard of slot cars.  Especially on the 1/24th scale or the 1/32nd scale.  These are just a larger version of a pretty common electronic toy like the image on the right.  I got into the hobby around 1992 when my middle school shop class was, slot cars.  Noteably the larger 1/32 and 1/24 scale.  I fell in love and I'm still racing with my own children.

  I won't bore you with the history or how these work, so if you want to know more, visit the Wiki page.

  Here are some of my current cars.  These are 1/24 scale with winged bodies.  These cars absolutely fly.  They only weigh a few grams and have insane motors in them.  They literally scream around around a slotted track.  I know most people would be thinking, "whaa, they go around a track in slots.  what is so fun about that?"  Trust me, go to a local slot car track and rent a car for 15 min.  It's dirt cheap.  You will be hooked.  People around the world spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars in this hobby.  I have 2 boys and they LOVE it!  More on this topic later..

  So here are some pics of my cars.  I do have several hundred bucks in my collection but, I didn't spend that much all at once.

  Over time, I will post more pics and details of this forgotten hobby.  So come back!