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star trek

  • Andorian Battlecruiser


  • Borg Cube


  • Deep Space 9 - DS9


  • Defiant - DS9


  • Delta Flyer


  • EMH Mobile Emitter


  • Enterprise D Model


  • Enterprise NX-01


  • Enterprise-E


  • Geordi LaForge's Visor


  • Klingon Bird of Prey


  • Negh Var - Enterprise


  • Phasor Type 2


  • Pheonix


  • Space Dock for the Enterprise-D

    One of my other projects is Eaglemoss' Enterprise-D build up and while waiting on the next parts delivery, I needed to continue builing something, hell, anything..  I wanted to keep projects Star Trek based.  I came up with something that very few people have made according to my research.  A Star Trek space dock, or station, whatever you want to call it.  I also wanted to incorporate it into the Enterprise-D buildup.  I think this was a cool idea as the Enterprise model wouldn't be built in a day, or even a year.  Over the course of the build, I could hang it underneath the Space Dock, as to say it was under construction. 

  • Star Trek

    NOTE: Most of these models are not optimized for 3D printing.  I will be adding printable models along side the full model version soon.

  • Star Trek Enterprise-D Custom Model

      As some of my readers will have gathered, I am a Star Trek fanboy, especially the TNG series This was the first Star Trek show that I watched as a child.  Since then, I've been fascinated by the Enterprise D and her technology.  Now that I am a grown man, I can indulge myself.  About 8 or 9 years ago, I bought and built a custom model kit of the Enterprise D, the 1/1400 scale AMT.  I built it with custom fiber optic lighting for the windows and LEDs for the Nacelles, Impulse Engines, and the navigation lights.  Unfortunately, that model was destroyed during a move and didn't take many pics or document the build process.  I will admit that this model wasn't painted or had decals since I didn't have any experience. 

      Since then, I have wanted to build another one, but with more detail and screen accurate.  Of course I wanted to design and install custom lighting and a few more features that popped in my head.  But this time, I will document the build and share it so maybe someone would use my build as motivation and create their own ideas. 

  • Star Trek Voyager


  • TNG Badge