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  • Custom Computer Desk

     I have way too many projects in progress, but let's start another one anyway!  Here is my custom desk with an integrated computer.  Basically, my desk will be a large computer case! 


    I'm sure most people may know what I'm trying to build here. It's a custom desk (top) with all the components mounted to the desk. Basically, it's a computer but without the metal box sitting next to your desk. I have looked at hundreds of cases, thinking to myself, "none of these make me smile." I happened to run across one of these custom desks while on a late night surfing session. Needless to say, they were in the thousands of dollars. Nope. I can build one! So I did some research of the prerequisites one needs to have his own. Not much actually, I'm no artist, so I needed to find a way to see it. Used Solidworks and built the custom top to help me "see" it. Check out the 3d viewer.